Friday, June 12, 2009

Key to my Heart

Here's the key
To open up this precious treasure
that which I've long hidden
for fear that it may be taken away
or hurt beyond repair.
I entrust it to you,
because I believe
that you will keep it safe
and guard it with your own life.
For you,
this key is as important as your own being
and thus,
I can hand it to you without regret.
Take it and keep it close to your own,
because I want you to know
that a part of it
comes from a part of you.
Have it,
guard it,
love it.
That which is most precious to me,
the key to my heart.

The heart of a person is not something that can be easily possessed. It's like a treasure hidden away, locked away from prying eyes and possessive people who dare to abuse it. And the key to this most precious treasure, is something that is difficult to give, but once given cannot easily be taken back.


Wash the pain away
soak me to the bone
and chill me to death.
All the pain and hardships
just let it flow away from me.
Watch it go down the drain,
or trickle down the skin
sweat away from within me
and disappear before my eyes.
Let it keep on going.
with the sky covered in grey streaks
amongst dark clouds.
Similar to tears,
with the heavens crying out
and singing sad songs.
The monotonous dripping sound,
of millions of tears falling
to the painful Earth.
Little droplets,
one by one
or by the dozen.
Come down
and wash everything away
till nothing is left.
The rain is like a continuous monotonous lullaby that can lull one to sleep, as if to a dream world where one can experience no pain or suffering. The rain always seems like a sad ending, but also a new beginning as well.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I've given up on a hopeless fallacy
that seems to circle about
as if the world was never-ending
and as if love had no doubt.
I've lost myself to desire and dreams
that have captured my heart and soul,
that which has enraptured me
and has me under its control.
I've said good-bye to a love lost
which answers not questions asked
and in it carrying endless words
shows the heart's love cannot last.
I've waved farewell to unrequited love,
and thus search for a future abound,
asking not much but to be loved
no need for flattery or promises profound.

Everyone wants their fairytale prince, or their fairytale princess. But deep down, isn't what we're all searching for but a simple love? That of someone who loves us simply, without prejudice or pretentious promises, is that not something that all of us can have?

Would you love me then?

Would you love me if I was the only one
left to wander this god-forsaken Earth?
If everyone turned you down
and you came to realize this person
who's kept silent as she waited for you?
When the world spun backwards
and in it, you found me first among the rest?
What would happen if I had not been too kind
or were different from you,
would you have seen me as more of a girl
than just a friend?
Say I were a bit more shy,
and not as noisy as I am now,
would you have taken notice of me
and become curious of that girl in the corner?
Think if I was more conscious of how I looked
then how I acted or what I said,
you'd see me differently somehow?
Would you love me if I wasn't the one standing here
but that girl that you just can't forget?

Why do people love what they cannot have, and want what they cannot reach? And why is it that we try to be someone we're not for someone we love, in the hopes that they would like us in return. Oh what a drama this thing called love is.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thanking True Love

If not for lovers met and bred
then by all means, I should be dead
for who can stop a beating heart
since no true love can truly part
and if by this I tell a lie,
kill me thus and let me die
for without two people in this world
then all humanities fate unfurl.
We will all then crash without compare
if true love is lost and all dreams despair.

The most wonderful miracle of all is borne from pain, endurance, and always with a certain amount of is without a doubt the miracle of life. It is the miracle of life that remains continuous in our ever-changing world. It is what keeps us, alive. Even if life is born through inevitable and sometimes irrevocable events and situations, the true love that exists either between the mother and father, the parents and their child, or even with just the mother and the unborn child, allows for the miracle to come into the world. Without this true love, this familial love, one cannot expect a miracle to arrive.

Star Night, Star Light

Once upon a time,
a star fell from the sky.
It fell to the earth,
and was left to die.
But one little girl,
who watched the sky each night
saw the little star fall
and ran to the site.
She moved through the woods
and cared not for her dress,
for only one thing mattered,
and she cared for nothing less.
As she ran through the trees
she soon lost sight of the star
for it had fallen too quickly,
and had fallen too far.
But on she did trudge,
through the muck and the grime,
with her bare feet all dirty
and herself out of time.
She quickened her steps,
and to herself did she pray,
that she'd find that star quickly
before the start of that day.
Soon she heard a rustle,
a movement in the grass,
as if something was struggling
but it could not move, alas.
The little girl had found the star,
it was stuck on a bush.
Landing quickly it had sunk,
as if something gave it a push.
She ran to it as fast
as her little feet would,
she hurriedly grabbed the star,
and held it at tight as she could.
The star felt cold
as she held it in her arms,
with its color fading,
she tried to keep it warm.
Back to her house she ran
afraid for the light of day,
she would soon be found missing
and thus ran back without delay.
She also feared for her friend,
whom she cradled in her grasp
a mere baby it had seemed
had fallen from the sky at last.
As soon as she had returned
to her room she did run.
Hiding herself from all,
and her friend from the sun.
The little girl jumped unto her bed,
her hand on her friend
and quickly wrapped themselves tight
feigning sleep, to pretend.
As soon as she closed her eyes,
she did fall asleep,
and some sounds outside the door,
opened the door and gave a peep.
The little girl was sleeping,
quietly and peacefully it seemed.
While a small little light
from the bed side, did gleam.
A small little night light
shone bright into the night.
Keeping monsters away,
and scary things from her sight.
A small little thing it was,
as can be seen from afar,
a shining bright little night light
in the shape of a baby star.

Once, I wanted to write children's novels, or write series' like Sweet Valley or even Harry Potter. Once, I imagined so many stories and dreamed of far away things that people could not even begin to imagine. That was once. Like a star, I feel that it has now fallen from the sky, it is no longer something I feel I can do. Yet deep down, it will remain forever a part of me.

Story of a Leaf

The leaf that tumbled in the wind
knew not where its destiny lay,
for in its past a dream arose
one bright and sunny day.

When spring had just awoken
and the leaves were alive with dew,
a tree stretched out its arms
and said hello to the season anew.

As the leaves sprouted forth
and grew slowly as each day passed,
one little leaf watched the passing folk
as they walked briskly past.

It watched as their legs took them
to places it never could
and wished, oh wished that one day soon
it could escape from its neck of the wood.

Swaying ever so slowly,
the wind let it move at its pace
and gave the leaf a little hope
as it swayed on for countless days.

And when the leaf dreamt no longer
and slowly lost its faith,
one day the wind grew stronger
and from the tree, swept it away.

And so the leaf had finally
said goodbye to its home the tree,
letting the wind blow it slowly
it felt happy, excited and free.

For days on end it traveled far,
saw many people on the streets,
it traveled where the wind took it
and didn't choose who it had to meet.

It told itself how lucky
its life had been so far,
how it escaped the tired fate
of simply watching from afar.

So days had passed and it went on
following the pace of the wind,
one day it soon grew weary,
losing its shimmer from within.

Without the tree it had no way
to get its green color back,
it soon lost strength and quietly hoped
it wouldn't fade to black.

Sadly one day the wind grew strong
and pushed the leaf somewhere,
at first it saw the light of day,
then soon it couldn't feel the air.

The leaf found out it had fallen
to a sewer down below,
without the people, the air, the tree,
it felt there was nowhere else it could go.

It tried to cry but couldn't
as it lay there in the dark,
it tried to remember the good old days
when it still lived in the park.

Soon the leaf already felt and knew
he was slowly dying away,
away from home and family,
and away from the light of day.

"So goodbye leaf, goodbye"
it quietly said to itself,
and it crumpled away to dust
with nothing more left.

It is in our nature to yearn for what we cannot have, and to always dream or wonder about a life different from our own. Sadly though, it may sometimes happen that the life we wish for, or the things we wish for, are not what they seem. Inevitably, we sometimes find ourselves in a situation far worse than our original situation. In spite of this, for many people, curiosity is a never-ending cycle.